Jan 2, 2019

To a homewrecker, mistress or a girl who stole your husband, dad, brother

Dear..umm wait sorry..
i'm actually accustomed to say dear or hi 
but guess dear, hi and all nice greetings don't seem to be appropriate right now

all of the things that you have done, i just don't get it.
many times i tried to understand, it came back to one point
one point that makes no sense.
many times people said try to understand, i stop
should i ? cause i knew you never try to understand at the first place

you are a women yourself and theres always time
time to say no or at least think about “what if”
time to think twice, thrice, or even more
but you just acted like you dont have it.

now because of you, i experienced the feeling of true hate
but if you think it would influence me,
sorry i’m not belong to your clan,
because i knew theres always time to ever think twice

if you think we are weak just because you fooled us once,
sorry you are wrong

one thing you should know is
we might have rights to yell at you, go mad and mess you
but we chose not to, not because we are weak
but because we wont let anger or anythings lower our value

you might broke our life into pieces but guess what you are wrong again
cause we are still here, stronger, unshaken.
we just wait to see karma you deserve.

Sep 23, 2018

Books I Read: June, July, August, September



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i'll write the reviews soon i get proper time and clear mind, finger crossed!

Aug 10, 2018

What if

i knew life is scary
and when i care about you too much, 
it even way scarier

it is because of the distance
the space that certain to happen
the miserable circumstances
when we are apart 

life is scary 
and when we are apart
it is scary enough to makes me
pray more than i used to

it terrifies me 
forces me to wonder
thousand and thousands unfortunate scenes of you
without me 

what if 
you drown
you fall
you leave
you are gone

i was suffering 
overdosed on overthinking

August 9th, 2018


When this feeling turns into words, it might sound so exaggerated
but really, tell me how could you best describe a heavy burden when you worry for your love ones?